Special tests

Thermal simulations / Fire Hazard test - Theatrical Smoke - Abrasion, erosion, perforation

Thermal simulation tests and Fire Hazard test


Thermal tests are used to evaluate the ability of equipment or materials to sustain high thermal stresses and demonstrate, if necessary, their ability to function after being exposed to extremely hot air flows or even fires

We can thus simulate the associated environments:

  • exhaust or contact areas of engines or turbines,
  • to fuel or oil slick fire exposures (Fire Hazard)



We have thermal means to simulate these environments:


Thermal ovens up to 1300 °C


Hot air generators up to 800°C without air flow or 600°C with air flow


Special burners or bench of controlled burners

We have investigative tools to analyze the responses of the tested systems to these constraints:

  • Fluxmeters for determining the power of thermal flows
  • Temperature probes
  • Thermal camera
  • High precision laser pyrometers

« Theatrical Smoke » tests


Environmental tests in a saturated smoke atmosphere are used to evaluate the ability of equipment or materials to maintain their function or identification.

We have COLT 4 and VICOUNT 1300 type machines.


"Abrasion", "erosion" or perforation tests


We develop or perform abrasion, erosion or perforation tests according to the requirements specified by the customers.

Tests according to ISO 6772, AITM 1.0027, NF G 37-115 standards.